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Crush Your Self-Doubt

Are you going to let them talk to you like that? You can’t handle them? Or are you scared to crush your self-doubt. Sounds easy,

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Elephant Tribe

WOMEN COMMUNITY  A little recap of Rise conference in Minneapolis in June, in case you’ve missed my stories or posts about it.  I walked away

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Are you full?

Are you full? And I don’t mean your belly? Do you have a healthy hobby? No, not blowing your entire paycheck at Target! Although, I

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Ahhhh, how is it AUGUST?!? Holy August, you have come by so quickly! I feel like every February-March I dream about sunny weather, flip flops,

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you only get one

You only get one chance to enjoy them while they are little. It’s important to take in all the joy and fond memories with them,

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good cry

As a mama, you need to be everything to everyone. But sometimes you just have to be enough for yourself.  Being a member of the

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let love in

Sounds like a strange topic eh? You’re likely thinking, “Who doesn’t want to be loved?” The ability to let love in sounds so easy, right? Not

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