I'm Dawn Marie.

As a women’s nutritional mentor, I am obsessed with helping you find a healthy lifestyle that will fit into your schedule and get you on the road to loving your wellness journey.

I’ve answered my calling to empower other people to see the beauty and strength within them in not only their health but lifestyle. That is what wellness means to me – everything that makes you! We only have one life, so why not live it as you deeply desire?

After many years of living on autopilot, I learned what makes me, me! After understanding my body’s needs, I embraced my talent to develop others to see their potential in themselves.

A few things you should know about me

October 2014, was when that “Mac truck slammed into me”.

I had a “lump” removed from my neck which turned into a complete thyroidectomy, removing papillary thyroid cancer from my body when I was 6 months postpartum with our second daughter. I knew it would happen when the surgeon read my biopsy and made the statement, “I’ve never had to take the whole thyroid without prior knowledge. This will be a quick removal of the right side and will all take less than an hour.” Famous last words. If one out of a million will have something “bad” happen, I’m that ONE. So after a 3-4 hour procedure, as I woke up in recovery, my initial gut reaction had been confirmed. I had cancer.

Our bodies intuition is always right, we just have to stop and listen.

I needed to stop going through to motions of life and start LIVING IT! I was going to step into my second chance and do whatever it took to enjoy the moments, put in the work to inspire my girls to grow up doing the same!

You can learn more about these details in my blog post, “My Why”. Since having this awakening I began gravitating toward positive influencers to lead me where I wanted to go. I knew confidence and health weren’t just going to happen to me by waiting for “someday.” I had to work for it. Momentum built and lead me to where I’m meant to be today, to help others live their “second life” without having to sacrifice their first one.

You might not have had a cancer scare, and I pray you never do. But you might be fighting just as hard to defeat the daily struggle…

“I’m not good enough”

“I just can’t get/keep the weight off”

“Nothing works for me”

I am passionate about walking alongside women through their health journey so they can step into their greatness and empower their families to do the same.

Do I struggle?

Yes, I have to fight off the urge that I have to “do it all” or that “I don’t have time.” As I teach my clients, I practice what I preach.

We can flip complicated schedules and busy lives on their side and make you a priority in your life and give you back hope that food and movement can be in alignment. 

Life is complicated enough. I’m here to show your wellness journey doesn’t need to be lived through diets and restrictions.

Each day we get to wake up, is a gift.
How are you going to use it?

I’d love to assist you in your wellness journey to living your best life. Stop waiting for someday and start doing the work now.

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