Ya mind if we get real for a second?

I get the mom struggle to juggle it all, I’m in that same boat with ya! Every day is a challenge, so I get it!

If you are hesitant to “hire” help to toss you a lifeline to get your health in order, I get it! Please hear me out, great things come from being UNCOMFORTABLE, our brains shouting nooooo while our hearts are crying (not a pretty cry either) for some serious HELP. Ya get just enough courage to seek me out, a little more to read how I can change your one precious life for the better, and you might even let your fingers do the talking to contact me for help, then you talk yourself out of it.

Take Your Next Step

Mindful Wellness

Go from being run down and overwhelmed to present and aligned as a mother. When we are in a constant state of stress, we can’t serve others nor ourselves.

I’ve created a wellness membership community for you to learn key bite-sized knowledge that you can implement immediately to experience positive progress in your overall wellness & well-being.

Body Declutter

Remove the guilt and build a fulfilling relationship with food that’s not another diet plan. To create a change for a healthy lifestyle that will fit your life. Never again be stuck in the “how-to” and give up not trying to find a real solution.

Join me in my annual live group training alongside other amazing women. 


As a client, you get a personalized plan to achieve your health using my signature Mindful Wellness Method to maximize your core skills of; mind, body, and home.

Prior to working together, we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss what’s been keeping you from living the healthy life you’ve been after. Let’s dig in and see where efficiency can be on your side to tame all life (and your family seems to throw at you)! Together we’ll uncover tools that can help you feel great in your skin and take back your time to make memories, rather than ‘someday’ wishes!

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"I can figure it out on my own."

"What I'm doing is fine, I just need to focus a bit more."

Scary that I knew what you were thinking? It’s because I’ve thought that before too until I reached out for help to actually make changes that became habits, that became my lifestyle.

These services are in place for a lifestyle change. Not a life “diet.” Too many times women choose to stay stuck, unhappy, buried in their tasks. The gist is, you have to WANT to change and TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.

Don’t take my word for it. See what others have to say about working with me.

I'm Dawn Marie.

I’m a 30-something, straight forward, rural Iowan with big, positive dreams. I love running to help clear my mind and soul and squeezing in a good sweaty workout to kick some stress. My style is simple and rustic. I am fueled by kitchen dance parties with my three beautiful girls, and I love me some barn wood. Mmmmm – Yes! I can’t live without my Mama Tribe, Amazon, Target, and good music. I’m obsessed with off-the-beaten-path eateries and have a passion to pursue big dreams!