For the woman who is ready to put herself first.

The woman who is ready to embody her highest vibe permanently so she can overflow into her people.

If you are ready to serve {HER}, here’s how we can join hands in the journey


SYNCED :: The ultimate key to a life of alignment. 

By embracing cycle syncing you can align to your life.

You have the keys to grant yourself permission to live fully. You can operate to your highest energy potential when you understand your energy levels. 

Each week there are different versions of you, that you are meant to honor, when you do, life will blow your mind! By leaning into your cycle as a guide – your productivity and energy will soar!

This self-led video intensive is held inside a private Facebook Group.

RIPPLE Breakthrough Session

ONE step creates a thousand ripples in our lives that can change everything in a moment. This breakthrough session will help you unlock that step & the clarity you so deeply desire to transform your health.

We’ll start with a thorough health history form, move through a clarity-igniting meditation, and collaboratively pull out your individualized strategy for making wellness fun & successful.

With a better understanding of what you truly want & aligned action steps to start your journey, the Ripple Effect Breakthrough session will bring major life changes your way.


Utilizing individualized mentorship will bring deep awareness & empowerment from within that becomes the embodiment on the outside.

This will breathe limitless confidence into your actions. The accountability you will receive with me as your guide will awaken your health journey by digging into what you truly desire wellness to be for you, how to nourish your body the way it craves to be, and most importantly, how to move yourself with ease and pleasure.

Tapping into your unique abilities will bridge your healthy lifestyle beliefs into your endless blessings.

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I'm Dawn Marie.

I’m a 30-something, straight forward, rural Iowan with big, positive dreams. I love running to help clear my mind and soul and squeezing in a good sweaty workout to kick some stress. My style is simple and rustic. I am fueled by kitchen dance parties with my three beautiful girls, and I love me some barn wood. Mmmmm – Yes! I can’t live without my Mama Tribe, Amazon, Target, and good music. I’m obsessed with off-the-beaten-path eateries and have a passion to pursue big dreams!