When looking to add supplements to your diet, figuring out which ones are worthwhile is straight-up overwhelming. There are so many options out there! And asking people in your life often adds to the stress because everyone has a different opinion on which brand is the best and why. There’s always someone wanting to push a product with claims of how life-changing it is. I don’t know about you, but when someone pushes anything on me, I become skeptical and wonder what’s in it for them. 

Because there’s no one magical supplement that’s perfect for everyone. My body’s needs likely differ from yours, and there’s no guarantee that the supplements I take will make a difference in your health. It’s expensive to try different supplements over and over again only to find out they’re not for you. No one likes to throw their money away!  

Most of the nutrients your body needs should come from food. But even if we were all eating the perfect Mediterranean diet, it’s highly likely we’d still be falling short. Since we’re busy humans who don’t always eat the way we should, supplements help fill a nutrient void. One thing to keep in mind when sorting through all the information is that getting too much of certain vitamins and minerals can actually do more harm than good. So when choosing supplements and after taking anything new, it’s essential to listen to your body. Our bodies are smart and tell us things we don’t always pay attention to. So listen up! 

Our family has two supplement brands we’ve trusted for years. While my family uses the ones below, and I could shout from the rooftop about how much I love them, I know they may not be right for everyone. I can only tell you about my experience with them and offer guidance in your decision-making process.

Pure Supplements

I love this company because of its dedication to using only natural products free of artificial dyes and sweeteners. Because I was skeptical too and if it was going to also have my family using these products I wanted to make sure it stood up. I’ve done my research on their ingredient use and they are solid. After my family started using the Pure products regularly and experienced results, I became an affiliate. That is how much I believe in these products.

However, I never want you to feel pressured or sold to. For those interested in trying Pure, shop as a Preferred Customer using my link and save 25% off the retail price. 

Here are my top favorite Pure supplements:


Sulfur – A natural immune booster and anti-inflammatory that prevents the common cold and the sinus infections I used to get routinely. It also helps my joints stay loose. I prefer the granular as it’s one less “pill” to take, and cheaper, too! I add two scoops to a small glass of warm to hot water and suck it down. It’s something I can take first thing every morning to start my day off with my health in mind. 


GoYin – This is a juice mood booster I like to refer to as a “marriage counselor” in a bottle. It regulates my hormones and makes me a little kinder to my husband. It also helps little girls with balancing their hormones. Double win!


CalciuMK – This liquid calcium, vitamin D supplement that is paired with magnesium and vitamin K for proper uptake. Aka, it keeps me “regular.” Enough said. 


Orange Mango Energy – My favorite drink I look forward to every day helps me focus and stay energized with natural sources of caffeine, amino acids, minerals, herbs and botanicals to help you power through the day. This little packet is loaded with an antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C and E, and a comprehensive B-complex, ENERGY stimulates the body and brings mental clarity to the forefront. Which, who couldn’t use more of?

Garden of Life

Garden of Life (GOL) is the brand I started my health journey with, and I’ve never looked back. My chiropractor suggested several products from this brand, and I’m so glad she did. 


Protein Powders – Not only is GOL a trustworthy company, but their protein powders keep me full, unlike some others I’ve tried. My go-to flavors are chocolate and vanilla – either can be added to any shake recipe. 

GOL makes me feel confident that everyone in my family is getting what their body needs to keep its immune system working optimally – even when we’re making an occasional trip through a drive-thru. 


Women’s Vitamin Code Multivitamin – Unlike other daily vitamins, Women’s Vitamin Code Multivitamin doesn’t give me any weird side effects and is specially formulated for active women. 


Oceans 3 fish oil capsules – an Omega 3 supplement that provides anti-inflammatory benefits for my thyroid and has a variety of cardiovascular, vision, and joint advantages as well. Omega 3 can sometimes leave a fishy aftertaste in your mouth, but this strawberry flavored version has none. 


Vegan D3 Spray – Easier than swallowing capsules for my kiddos, take one spray daily of Vegan D3 Spray of this vanilla-flavored spray gives my three beauties the same Omega 3 benefits that I get from Oceans 3. 


Kids Probiotic Chews – Digestive health is crucial to your body’s overall wellness, so I give my kids one Kids Probiotic Chews daily to keep them on track and boost their immune systems, bonus they love the taste. 

Have questions?

I find a ton of value in the supplements I use and would love to help answer any questions. Send me an email, and we’ll find a time to chat supplements! 

If you’re looking to clean up more of your routine, check out my resources page for chemical-free cleaning products and other household hacks.

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