Ahhhh, how is it AUGUST?!? Holy August, you have come by so quickly! I feel like every February-March I dream about sunny weather, flip flops, county fairs, and parades. Then August comes and the fun seems to come to a quick halt. Lack of structure/routine, bedtime chaos, endless freedom from homework and activities all collide and cause commotion and change.  My kids won’t be allowed to get by with eating a bag of Doritos at 10:00 am. The mornings will come and it will feel like I’m waking up sloths for school. It never fails that once school routine begins the kids start to sleep in. During the summer they would wake up at what seemed like the buttcrack of dawn, and I could never figure it out. Funny how that works!

I was reflecting yesterday morning as I was in my bathroom getting ready for work. “Oh wow, it is August 1st! It was almost like I was panicking, that I wasn’t panicking. It makes no sense, right? Let me explain where my crazy brain is coming from. July flew by for our family, yet it felt like the longest month because we were crazy busy. Can you relate? Our summer was jampacked with awesomeness but structure and routine will be making a heroic return! It was a good crazy, filled with memories at the surrounding county fairs, parades, swimming pools, family time, friend time, a weekend vacation – somehow it doesn’t seem like we could have crammed it all in 4 weeks! No wonder I’m exhausted!

Content in the present

Most times we hear people wishing their lives away. During the winter months, “I wish it were summer.” Now parents are transitioning to, “I’m ready for the kids to go back to school and get everyone back on a schedule.” We rarely hear of someone say, “I’m really happy right now in the current season of life.” Ironically, that’s where I’m at. I don’t want summer to be over. I’ll be back to the grind soon with kids’ activities and rushing to squeeze in supper. We can’t always get what we want. We can just make the most of what we are dealt with.

Summer days don’t last forever. The long lingering sunshine tends to lead to later bedtimes, and more hours to play during the day. Mornings aren’t so rushed and chaotic. Sometimes the first time getting dressed is putting a swimsuit on. As the sly holy August month slowly creeps in it’s funny how I immediately try to cram something special every day because I know it will all be over way too soon!

The season we’re in right now is fun. The suns out long enough to grab the kids from daycare after work and play before I feel like a slave to the supper grind. Then we even have time between supper and baths to go back outside. It’s almost as if time is stretched. I love it, it’s so great! However, (there’s always a ‘however’ or a ‘but’ isn’t there?) I’m missing the time between when the kiddos are put to bed, and when I get a chance to rest and close my eyes for some much-needed sleep. There doesn’t seem to be much “mom time” in the middle of those sleep.


So that “busy” and missing my downtime at night is why you haven’t seen me slide into your inbox as much. I also thought, “Hey, I’m not checking my email as much – likely my girls are either.” How can I encourage you to live life in front of you if you’re checking your email, right? Well, I’m trying to give myself some grace on that. Someday all too soon, my girls won’t need me and I’ll have all the time that I’ll likely drive my husband, Ryan, crazier. I hope you are giving yourself grace in your life this summer as well. It’s alright to slip up on your nutrition from time to time, consistent workouts, regular cleaning  – all those things.

I’ve found finding my way back to each item above has helped me stay running though. My morning shake helps start my day off right, and to make better eating choices through at least lunch. When the pizza is near, forget it. I’m eating it! That doesn’t mean you can’t take a hiatus on other items in your life to make room for the present season.

You need time to recharge your battery  to keep going.

You can’t continue to serve others and raise those little people if you are constantly running on low battery. Charge that batter up. Summer will be here before we know, and then it”s the mixed emotions of moms and the unpacking of back to school feelings when holy August comes around again!

holy august

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