Human Design Energy Types 101

In this blog post we are going to break down the 3 of the 5 energy types in a Human Design 101 quickie.

The human body is like a map that tells the story of your life. You have five energy types: all determined by your birth details – birth place, birth date and time location in space! Your chart becomes known as Bodygraph- one for each type to help you understand how they work together. Today we are going to dig a little bit into each of the basics of human design types. When you are aligned and know your human design profile you will begin to live as your true self.

1. Manifestor

Manifestors are here to make something happen. They have a powerful drive and they know how important it is that their ideas or ways of doing things becomes reality, so there aren’t many people who can manifest like them in our world today!

A small percent (around 9% ) falls under the category called “manifestor”. This means these individuals live for initiating action – either by starting movements or bringing new creations into existence.

Manifestors are naturally excellent leaders who have an innovative spirit. They’re here to do big things and make a difference, which is why there aren’t many of them when they are living as their authentic self.

Manifestors’ unique energy blueprint is all about balance. Resting will give you the next great idea, while working on your big thing gives others an opportunity to shine! You don’t have time for everything– delegate accordingly so that life can go back to being normal again (and maybe do some more manifesting).

Manifestors are here to break the mold. They have a duty and obligation, not just for themselves but also those around them who may need their voice or action in society – especially if it’s new stuff! One thing that can hold back manifesting success? People pleasing; wanting everyone else on board with your idea even before you’re ready yourself.

Lastly, find your inner confidence and don’t shrink to make others more comfortable with the power that was given you. You are a force of nature-you deserve everything beautiful.

2. Generator

Generators are 37% of the population and have the life-force energy that makes this world run. With their defined sacral center (on the bodygraph, the second square up from the bottom) they have the energy to be worker bees, creators, and builders. With their powerhouse of energy, Generators need to be mindful not to take on too much — especially out of obligation to others or just because they can — or else life becomes a grind.

Like manifestors, generators have the power to decide when they will use their energy centers. Unlike them though, Pure generators don’t need an idea or plan for what should happen next – life just comes knocking on their door ready-to take whatever opportunity is waiting inside!

For generators to feel like you’re living authentically and to your full potential , not just stuck in a rut or fulfilling other people’s expectations you need to get out of your head and do something that makes YOU happy. You don’t have to put up with anything less than what makes sense for how awesomely amazing life can be!

Remember generators with your human design type you need to follow your heart, not society’s expectations.

Your desires will make the world better for you and everyone around!

3. Manifesting Generator

People who are manifesting generators will oftentimes use a more quick-thinking approach when it comes to dealing with life’s challenges. They make up 33% of the population and like pure Generators, their strategy is to wait until you feel an emotion before responding; if something seems too good or bad then just go with your gut instinct!

MGs have a Manifestor edge which means they can be initiated but only after honoring their gut response. As such the need to wait for what feels right can be patience tinged with frustration at times since there’s so much going on in our heads and hearts when we’re deciding whether or not acting upon an impulse is worth it given all of its potential negative consequences if done wrong!

Manifesting Generators have a natural restlessness that leads them to be almost ADD at times. This is just their nature though, and as such they need to dip into the action before a final decision. Sometimes they might seem flaky/fickle depending on how much “sampling” there has been so far. To non MG’s these things may appear too quickly without any thought given towards what really matters; however MGs were born knowing exactly when something isn’t right anymore because deep down inside themselves they’re always searching out answers from within their own authentic voice.

Well, if you are a Manifesting Generator then your life should feel satisfying. That’s the unique energetic signature of all generators and they’re living on track with their design! And I’ve heard them referred to as “quantum” beings- don’t expect other energies types will be able to keep up because this type has an incredibly fast energy level which means that everything comes easily for these people – including careers (they can do anything!).

Your superpower is your multi-passionate nature, which should be embraced and not pinned down.

The human design system is an interesting study with so much information out there to help you learn to live to your highest potential and learn to live out your life purpose.

If you are interested in learning more information about Human Design check out this podcast episode below.


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