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Day after day. Show up. Night after night. Show up. Good day after a good day. Show up. Hard day after a hard day. Show up. An ordinary day, a normal day,  or just a day. Always remember no matter what day you need to show up for yourself  “Pushing yourself to achieve goals is a great way to build confidence in YOUR abilities and bolster your self-esteem. Anytime you show up for yourself, it’s a touchdown and will motivate you for the next time.

Each time you move toward your goal is a win. You’re showing yourself that you are in control of your life,” said Kelly LeVeque in her book Body Love. If you want something in life, go for it. There isn’t anyone else that wants it more than you. Chances are no one else knows what you want besides your inner critic, as you’ve been too shy to say it out loud. Sound about right? I hear ya! So lace up those running shoes, jump on a bike, join a fitness club, or community involvement, brush out that easel. Do those enjoyable things. Be that joy in life. Be that joyful woman. Show that person to yourself, others, your kids, and the world.


I never would have thought I would start a blog. I have always been on the sidelines admiring other public speakers for being able to stand up in front of a group of strangers and motivate them to action. Those crushing it in the influencer industry that I admire so much; the Mel Robbins, the Rachel Hollis’, and the Jenna Kutchers of the world. They haven’t let fear or “lack of feeling like it,” stand in their way. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be where they are today! Right? Those people don’t just start on the top. They typical intro with how they got started as average people like you and me.

So, for me by keeping my dream to myself, that’s all it was ever going to be. A thought without any action is not a dream, that’s hope. Now I’m not crushing it by making money starting this blog, but it fills a void to help others in my heart. The best? When I hear from someone that has opened their email, scanned and reread my written word vomit and it has resonated with them is such true joy and appreciation. Don’t let those dreams get buried under a pile of laundry, or even underneath some dirty dishes in the sink.


This blog that fills me is a part of the path to my ultimate goal of making a career out of helping other women fill themselves with confidence. By skill, I am an Insurance Account Officer, but at heart, I yearn to be a creative motivational speaker.  Someday I hope to book speaking gigs, hell publishing online learning courses.  I’m willing to do it all if in my heart I know someone I’ve reached with my message has been helped in some way, and if it aligns with my core heart values.

Can I be even more real with you? Most times what I’m writing about is so freaking real, it’s uncomfortable for me to read it. But I promised myself and to you, that I would be real, raw and honest so that others can feel comfortable tackling their stuff too. To show up for yourself you need to believe in yourself and be your number one fan. Stay positive and be physically and emotionally in tune with yourself.  When one of the worst days approaches, always remember to not give up. It’s just a bad day, and the sun will still come up tomorrow.

That is why I’m here reassuring you that you can run your first couch to 5k, to declutter your crap or keep your sanity by not cleaning all weekend long… So here I am people! I’m taking the baby steps to get there with you!


When we know what it takes to get where we want, why do we avoid it like death? Are we afraid to fail or worse, afraid to succeed? I will catch myself scrolling social media, which leads to online shopping. Then I’ll tackle house projects that aren’t on my radar or have any set deadline to be completed. “Maybe I should wash bedding…” which usually should be done but not at that exact moment! I subconsciously seek “busy” tasks to keep me preoccupied to push the goal farther and farther away, when I should be editing my blog content before sending it to be edited.

Procrastination is a safe zone but quickly leads to guilt. “If I would have used the girls’ nap times to work on editing, I wouldn’t have to get up early and do and now I have less time than I can give my editors before I’ll need to send it out.” See how by avoiding what I know needs to be done, it throws everything else off? Pushing your dreams is worth your time and effort. There is a reason they were planted in your heart, follow that purpose.

Can you think of something you would love to achieve but you are burying it with time-killing tasks? Do you recall that blissful feeling when you’ve had laser focus for 2 hours straight and knocked out so many things on your list that usually take a full days’ worth of time? It just amazes me how that is even possible when we know how good it feels to have those times that we don’t try and recreate that drive more often.


What is your raw honest dream that you haven’t shared yet but somehow take it out on your spouse that it hasn’t happened yet? Cut them some slack, they can’t read your mind and you’re lucky as hell they can’t! Ya wouldn’t want them hearing your inner self telling them off, am I right? Take the 36 Love Questions quiz from the NY Times already (from the link, scroll down to the 3 sets of questions)! It won’t only help your relationships, but it will help YOU! Release ‘whatever it is’ from your mind and let your most important people know about it.

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do…besides you. Not me, not your mama, not any other motivational being. In my experience, I have to be so pissed at myself (or cutting it so close on a deadline) to flipping do it! Ladies, let’s……………………. get pissed! I am that person who has longings in my heart, and yes I want my cake and to eat it too. And make that calorie-free to be exact.

When I had to eat a restricted diet after my thyroid surgery, to suppress my thyroid levels to receive my “treatment” I was the best eater of my life. Granted, I was able to still consume sugar (doesn’t make any sense but that’s for another topic) and drink alcohol. Hallelujah to all who had to be around me! But guys, I had to give up almost all dairy! I’m was raised on a dairy farm, I’m a lover of all the cheese and alllll the ice cream. And just like that, because I knew I had no other option. No quick fix. I had to do it myself. There was no microwaving that result.


I’ve recently come to realize after investing way more money than I was comfortable within online education for my goal, that I’m afraid to succeed. I’m afraid to even start the damn course! I’m forcing myself to realize, I didn’t pull out my form of payment in fear, so show up girl. Do the work you know you are capable of and show up for yourself. The only failure is not starting. You are worth starting towards your dreams and goals. You are enough, you must realize you are worthy. Take chances. Go Big. The only failure is not trying, right?

So here I am, my sisters, do yourself a favor and take the same advice. Don’t be afraid to succeed just because you are a woman, or because you might fail. You are stronger than the fear in your gut, or else you wouldn’t have gotten this far in life. Focus on that self-awareness and know what your body and mind need to get through life. Don’t allow yourself to drown in overwhelming thoughts and feelings.  Always remember it takes a true warrior to push through life, and prove they have the power to show up.

Get your power pose on and put your big girl panties and rock it already!